Houses to get digital ID if Bengaluru becomes Smart City

The Karnataka state government is contemplating on giving unique digital ID to all houses similar to Aadhaar card. This will be a reality only if Bengaluru is listed under the smart city projects by the Centre as the state plans to carry out its digital ID scheme under Smart City Mission Project initiated by the Union government. The final list of smart cities will be out in March.

Accordingly, each house (each address) will be given an 8-digit alphanumeric code. This will be named as standardise digital address number. If this scheme is implemented, then every address will come under the tracking of Global Positioning System (GPS) and can be easily traced under Google Maps.

The BBMP is planning to use the cloud based system to facilitate the digital ID process. Once the project is ready, there will be a base map for the entire urban area which will have details of all roads within BBMP jurisdiction. Latest satellite images will be used to mark the houses, said sources.

As it will be easy for the BBMP to trace the houses, the owners cannot get away from paying the tax. Thus, the status of the smart city might result in the rise of market rates for the real estate, but the owners will be compelled to pay the taxes and encourage legal transaction.

Whether this plan will be a reality or just be on the paper will be determined by the fact if Bengaluru will qualify under the final list of smart cities.

Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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