Huawei, Oracle Partner To Offer Smart Grid Solutions

Huawei and Oracle signed a memorandum of understanding [MoU] recently, which will see continued cooperation around the marketing and sales of the Huawei AMI Solution with Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management (MDM), Smart Grid Gateway (SGG) and related products. The ‘Power IoT Ecosystem Partnership’ MOU will help both the companies speed up the integration between the infrastructure and software. This deal is aimed at delivering enhanced benefits to customers using the Huawei and Oracle solutions.

Huawei and Oracle plan to continue cooperating around customer requirements, with the parties able to make use of Huawei’s leading-edge Information and Communication Technology products and solutions, in coordination with Oracle’s strong capability of R&D, implementation and outsourcing services in the utility industry. This collaboration will enable a robust end-to-end AMI solution helping power and grid companies to improve customer experience and operation efficiency, achieve energy saving and emission reduction, the companies said in a statement.

The companies believe, Power companies can gain significant benefits by deploying an AMI they as can more accurately measure power line loss. This helps focus investment in and optimisation of the grid as a whole. For these enterprises, it is about saving labour and operational costs as smart metres in combination with the DCP can detect power theft and reduce associated loses. At the same time, engineers no longer need to go out to site to turn power supplies on or off.

Customers bills are more accurate as the data flows into the customer billing systems. It allows customers to see exactly what they are consuming and improves their satisfaction with the service. 

Huawei, a Platinum member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, delivers a powerful service package, its AMI solution. This solution can manage smart meters, communications networks and head end systems using Oracle Utilities MDM, Oracle Utilities SGG and Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) to support MDAS and customer systems. Previously, Huawei and Oracle successfully completed integration testing for the Huawei AMI Solution Head End System and Oracle Utilities MDM and Oracle Utilities SGG. Both parties used standard IT technology under open architecture to achieve interconnectivity.

According to Huawei Energy Solution Managing Director, Cong Peijin, “We plan to increase strategic investment in solution construction, market expansion projects and joint marketing, conduct the cooperation deeply and consistently, and to finally achieve a win-win business situation.”

Oracle Utilities MDM provides comprehensive management of meter commands for remote switch, data and event access and meter ping. With these functions Oracle Utilities MDM and Huawei HES work together to optimize AMI scenarios, such as smart meter implementation, remote control, power-theft analysis and power quality analysis. Based on the success of the integration test and technology seminar, Huawei and Oracle officially agreed to continue cooperation, which should help boost the global grid construction and leverage global knowledge around utilities’ maturity and direction.

Oracle Greater China Regional Senior Director Sales, Stuart Shaw, said, “Oracle is looking forward to working together with Huawei in marketing, sales and technology to take the AMI Solution into the target sectors. Huawei along with Oracle’s utility and customer experience will jointly approach the customer opportunity and achieve a win-win business situation.”

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Smart Grid Bulletin May 2019

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