Tantalus Delivers Integrated Utility IoT-Based Solutions in Smart Street Lighting & Grid Optimization

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tantalus Systems, a leading smart grid solution provider for municipal and cooperative utilities, is delivering advanced smart grid applications such as Smart Street Lighting and enhancing Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) and Voltage Optimization (VO) for Distribution Grid Optimization over its distributed intelligence platform – TUNet®. The company is showcasing live demonstrations of these solutions in booth #1629 at TechAdvantage 2017, being held at the San Diego Convention Center from February 26 – March 1, 2017.

TUNet is anchored by a network of intelligent edge computing modules integrated into a broad range of smart grid end points such as meters and Distribution Automation (DA) devices. Each TUNet module uses a Linux-based computing platform to collect and analyze data, make intelligent decisions and report by exception to the utility’s central servers. TUNet’s efficient use of its Utility IoT architecture enables the utility to leverage its smart grid network more effectively while ensuring that operators receive precisely the right data at the right time and from the right location to make more informed decisions.

“Tantalus’ ability to rapidly deliver and support new applications such as smart street lighting has made a significant impact on our ability to build a self-sustaining smart grid,” stated Clinton Hedrington, COO for the Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority (VIWAPA). “The ability to quickly and cost-effectively propagate TUNet to remote areas of our islands while simultaneously supporting sophisticated lighting control programs has been beneficial. We expect to save up to 30% in operating costs through the efficiencies of networked smart street lights. The addition of this application will also improve safety and satisfaction for our residents.”

Another smart grid solution now deployed throughout Tantalus’ customer base is Distribution Grid Optimization. Applications such as CVR and VO are enhanced by leveraging TUNet’s distributed intelligence and communications for improved performance. Tantalus delivers this by combining its Closed Loop Voltage Reduction (CLVR™) feature with its TUNet DA Bridge Modem, providing a near real-time meter voltage monitoring and alerting application with a modem that supports DNP3 data delivery across TUNet. This extends visibility and control from the SCADA system to end-of-line DA devices such as capacitor bank controllers and voltage regulators while capturing FCI data and alerts in near real-time. This combined functionality helps utilities maximize value from their TUNet AMI network investments.

“Since partnering with Tantalus, our cooperative has been able to make the most of our technology investments to improve reliability and service for our members,” remarked Terry Rosenthal, Manager of Engineering for Laclede Electric Cooperative in Missouri. “We are benefitting from Tantalus’ approach to engage customers in developing the applications that meet our needs. With the ability to monitor and control grid performance at the edge of our distribution network, we’ve significantly enhanced operations and lowered outage restoration times.”

“We remain committed to serving the needs of municipal and cooperative utilities,” said Peter Londa, President & CEO for Tantalus. “Our recent financing will enable us to accelerate the delivery of integrated applications such as street light control and grid optimization to progressive utilities such as VIWAPA and Laclede EC. We are excited to expand our product portfolio and go beyond AMI for the benefit of our User Community.”

Source : http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170228006850/en/Tantalus-Delivers-Integrated-Utility-IoT-Based-Solutions-Smart

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