PlugVolt Webinars: Call for Papers Announcement

PlugVolt Webinars: Call for Papers Announcement

Batteries are key components in making plug-in electric and pure electric vehicles safe and financial viable, and in their consequent mass market adoption. Energy storage systems are also critical in improving overall utility grid efficiency and reliability, serving several applications such as frequency and voltage regulation, bulk storage, peak leveling, transmission and distribution (T&D) deferral, etc. Together, these markets are also currently posing several new and unique challenges to novel concepts such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and their system architectures.

 PlugVolt, LLC would like to invite you to share your expertise and information about products and/or technologies by giving a presentation at one of their upcoming webinar sessions. These online presentations can be conveniently made from your own home or office, and presentations that are accepted will carry a strong outreach to thousands of our subscribers worldwide.

 Some specific topics of interest include:

1. Novel approaches in electrical and thermal battery management systems 

2.Electrical and thermal battery modeling 

3. Battery recycling 

4. Raw materials - anode, cathode, electrolyte, separators, etc.

5. Nanotechnology

6. Testing - accelerating test protocols, risks, safety considerations, etc.

7. Emerging battery technologies beyond Li Ion such as metal air

8. Flow batteries

9. Global alternative energy storage market forecasts (automotive and stationary storage) 

10. Utility grid storage economics and policies 

11.Stationary storage technologies and target applications 12. Commercial considerations when evaluating energy storage technologies

If interested, contact Ms. Michelle Boyer for a copy of their standard Abstract form at

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