Creative Discovery Museum Partners with EPB On Smart Grid And Fiber Optics Exhibit

In an effort to showcase the ways technology is helping transform the community, Creative Discovery Museum has partnered with EPB to create an exhibit about the Smart Grid, Fiber Optics and how electricity makes it into the home. The exhibit will be featured in the Museum’s expanded Make It Space area. 

The EPB Smart Grid technology simulator, programmed by local software developer L2D, highlights how EPB’s Smart Grid responds to power outages during inclement weather.

As a storm passes through the city, game users work in conjunction with EPB’s Smart Grid technology to restore power to the residents of Chattanooga.

Through a partnership with OFS, a leading manufacturer of optical fiber, visitors are introduced to the characteristics of optical fiber, how it is made and why pure glass is an optimal material to transmit data and communications.

The exhibit also provides children with a basic understanding of electricity. Visitors can build their own circuits and investigate how electricity flows through the grid and into their homes by playing with breakers and switches.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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