Shell wants to build renewable energy portfolio in India

Royal Dutch Shell is looking at opportunities in India to build its renewable energy portfolio, especially in light of the country’s renewable energy targets to be achieved over the next decade, according to Mark Gainsborough, executive vice- president, New Energies, Royal Dutch Shell.

“India has a very ambitious target for the growth of the renewable sector,” Mr. Gainsborough told The Hindu during a clean energy forum organised by Shell during its ‘Make the Future Singapore’ event.

“I think India is a really important market for renewables in the future. There is a huge opportunity there. There is a lot of coal being burnt there, which is a challenge and we are interested in looking at opportunities in India.”

“We already have a presence in the oil and gas business and potentially there is a good opportunity for us in the synergy with renewables,” Mr.Gainsborough added.

“It is one of the biggest growth markets in terms of growth in demand in power. So anybody who is interested in power will be interested in India,” he said.

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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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