Renewable energy companies in Tamil Nadu in a spot


About 200 MW of wind and solar power plants in Tamil Nadu are in the danger of losing incentives because the State government has been unable to appoint a person to the post of Chief Electrical Inspector to Government (CEIG).

Power projects set up in the State cannot begin to operate unless the CEIG gives the Safety Certificate.

After V Jayavel superannuated from service on February 28, the post fell vacant.

Safety certificate

The problem wind and solar developers in the State are facing is, unless they get the Safety Certificate, they will not be able to declare the ‘commercial operation date’(COD).

Unless they get the COD by the end of March, they will not be able to claim benefits such as accelerated depreciation and ten-year income tax holiday under Section 80 IA of the Income-Tax Act. In addition, wind companies will lose the ‘generation-based incentive’(GBI).

Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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