Multidisciplinary efforts needed to develop Smart City

NAGPUR: "A multidisciplinary and collaborative research work will pave the way to develop elements of a Smart City," said VM Nanoti, principal of Priyadarshini Institute Of Engineering & Technology on Friday.

He was speaking during an international conference organized by the college.

"In order to collectively eradicate the socio-economic problems of the country, it is necessary to understand the behavioural science of each field. An efficient component is built when knowledge of people from all walks of life is clubbed," he said.

The theme for the conference was 'Innovations & Development for Future Smart Cities'. As many as 80 research papers from across the globe were scrutinized and selected to be published in international journals. More than 500 students and scholars of all backgrounds enrolled for the event.

Former DRDO scientist Dr Ande Murali Varaprasad, professor at Dayanand Sagar University (Bengaluru) Vaibhav Meshram, and director operations at Corporate Professional Academy (Secunderabad) Vijay Tharad were the keynote speakers during the first day of the two-day open-for-all conference.

"Developing a Smart City means making all systems smart," said SB Deshpande, dean of research & development. "There is scope of improvement in systems like transportation, medical, sewerage, safety, environment, etc. Such an initiative is a platform to exchange ideas of students and researchers. It will broaden their vision and help them discover their area of interest," Tharad said.


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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