India's cumulative PV capacity tops 2.63 GW

India's cumulative PV capacity tops 2.63 GW

India had 2,631 MW of installed grid-connected solar capacity as of end of fiscal year 2013-2014, that ended on March 31, 2014, according to the latest data from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). The country, which added 947.4 MW of grid-connected solar in the fiscal year
2013-2014, failed to reach the 1.1 GW target set by the government for last fiscal years solar capacity. Of the cumulative capacity, 687.MW is represented by PV projects directly supported by MNRE, while PV projects with a combined capacity of 1,322 MW were installed through the incentive policies of individual Indian states. A further 490.6 MW was installed through the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) scheme. The remaining capacity was installed through other support mechanisms. The India states with the largest solar capacity are Gujarat (916.4 MW), Madhya Pradesh (347.1 MW) and Maharashtra (249.2 MW). Through the countrys Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), India aims to bring 20 GW of installed grid-connected solar capacity and 2 GW of off-grid capacity online by 2022. Under Phase I of the program, which ran from 2010 up to 2013, the JNNSM awarded contracts for 950 MW of solar power through a reverse bidding process. Under the second phase of the JNNSM, which runs from 2013 to 2017, India aims to support the development of a total of 3 GW of solar power projects. Several states have their own solar programs as well.

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