Funding for Blackout Prevention Project

Funding for Blackout Prevention Project

Dr Campbell Booth from the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering  of the University of Strathclyde  was recently awarded 95,000 to participate in the Advanced Communication and Control for the Prevention of Blackouts (ACCEPT) project, which involves a consortium of universities including Strathclyde, the University of Manchester, Imperial College London, and three Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur and IIT Kharagpur.The project addresses the potential for use of Smart Grid and Phasor Measurement Unit technologies to support novel integrated protection and control tools for the prevention of wide area blackouts. This project has been supported as part of the UK- India programme involving a total of 8.3 million from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) through the Manufacturing and RCUK Energy Programme themes, with matched resources from Indias Department of Science and Technology (DST).There are seven projects in Advanced Manufacturing and five in Smart Energy Storage under this programme. The value of co-founded research between UK and India has grown from 1 million in 2008 to over 100 million in 2013.Dr Booth said: This project will provide understanding of how future power systems, incorporating large amounts of renewable energy, storage and using HVDC links and interfaces , will behave during fault and emergency situations. It will develop and demonstrate solutions that can identify and mitigate the risk of blackout in future systems . It is an excellent opportunity for me to work and exchange knowledge with Indian academics and industrialists, and I hope that this initial project can lead to future collaboration in the future.

Source: Economic Times

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