World : H&M Increases Commitment To Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

International fashion retailer H&M has increased its commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency by committing to join The Climate Group’s EP100 initiative, in addition to already being a committed member to the Group’s RE100 initiative.

H&M is already committed to securing 100% renewable energy for all its operations and has already reached 90% for all its global operations, making it a leading partner with The Climate Group’s RE100 initiative — an initiative intent on increasing the awareness of the need for businesses to transition to 100% renewable energy, while providing help and expert advice. However, H&M has further committed itself to a green business policy, this week announcing that it was committing to The Climate Group’s EP100 initiative — designed to encourage influential businesses to double the economic output from every unit of energy they consume.

In fact, H&M will be the first international fashion retailer to join the EP100 initiative since its launch in May of last year.


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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