An energy cap should fit the customers' best interests

With the Conservative and Labour manifestos expected this week, it seems likely that some form of government intervention in the energy supply market is now probable after the general election. It appears a ‘cap’ on household tariffs will be introduced.

The energy sector is used to being in the political spotlight and in providing homes and businesses with an essential service, such scrutiny is to be expected. The issue facing energy suppliers like the one I lead is how to respond.

At SSE we know customers’ interests are best served by suppliers working with government, not against it. As a major energy supplier we believe customers’ best interests are served by competition, not caps. But if a cap is to be introduced, we will work constructively throughout the consultation and implementation processes; and our focus will be on how to devise a cap that fits the needs of customers, in a way.


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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