Eskom enters smart grid deal with Huawei

Power utility Eskom has partnered with Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei to boost digital transformation in the power industry.

The smart grid joint innovation initiative was announced this week at the African Utility Week event in Cape Town.

The Huawei-Eskom collaboration aims to accelerate digital transformation in the power industry through the development of Internet of things (IOT), cloud, communications and cyber security solutions, enabling a smart grid that delivers efficient, reliable and affordable energy to consumers.

Under the partnership, Eskom will become the first power and electricity partner in SA to leverage Huawei's OpenLab to jointly develop smart grid innovations.

In March, Huawei unveiled its Global OpenLab Programme, outlining its development of 15 new OpenLabs and investment plan for the next three years. It says the new OpenLabs will enable Huawei to work with various industry partners across the world to create customer-centric and innovative solutions that enable digital transformation, while promoting industry ecosystem development.

Huawei says over the next three years, it will allocate nearly 1 000 staff around the world and invest a total of $200 million in the programme.

The Huawei OpenLab recently established in Johannesburg is Huawei's sixth global OpenLab, with other OpenLabs located in Suzhou, China; Munich, Germany; Mexico City, Mexico; Singapore; and Dubai, UAE.

For this partnership, Huawei will provide its OpenLab facilities, including a data centre as well as advanced hardware and software infrastructure and a dedicated technical team, while Eskom will contribute its ideas and expertise, together with the power grid environment for trials and testing purposes.


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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