Panel for smart projects

Bhubaneswar, May 27: A city-level advisory forum will be set up to help streamline and expedite execution of the smart city projects here.

Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL), the agency executing the smart city projects, will constitute the forum that will have as its members the district collector, local MP, MLAs, mayor, chief executive officer of the BSCL, local youths and the technical experts.

"Constitution of such as forum is mentioned in the mission guidelines of the smart city, and the Centre has also asked us to form it," said a BSCL official.

"There are big projects to be executed under the smart city mission. It also involves participation of various stakeholders, including the private ones, voluntary groups and the government. The forum will advise and enable collaboration among the stakeholders as well as help put the projects on fast track," said Bhubaneswar mayor Ananta Narayan Jena.

The smart city mission will complete two years of launch on June 25. The Union government has asked the city administration to submit a list of projects that will be completed by June 25. Accordingly, the BSCL has submitted the list of three projects -the Bhubaneswar One, Bhubaneswar Urban Knowledge Centre and the Smart Parks.

While the Bhubaneswar One is a web portal that provides information about the city on real-time basis, the Bhubaneswar Urban Knowledge Centre is a project that enables capacity-building and planning of the smart city projects among officials. The Smart Parks are planned to be set up at Saheed Nagar, which will have facilities such as modern toilets, Wi-Fi and so on.

BSCL managing director Krishan Kumar said that apart from the three projects, work on the smart traffic signalling system was also continuing on war footing.

"Our executing agency is working on installation of the system at five junctions. The agency has assured us that the work will be completed by September. We will also float tenders for few other projects in the next one week," said Kumar.

Residents, however, are not satisfied with the administration's pace of work under the smart city projects.

"I was expecting a lot of change in the city infrastructure. But though it has been more than a year since the city won the smart city challenge, nothing is visible on the ground. Praise and prizes are fine, but it is necessary to work accordingly," said Damana resident Ritesh Mishra.


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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