Smart Grid Security Market: Key Trends and Forecast Research Report 2026

Smart Grids are an integration of traditional grid with IT systems. They offer the grid operators greater control of the utilities for improving the dependability with improved monitoring and efficiency, through information exchange.

The cloud-based smart grid applications provide organizations with several features to reduce the operational costs and also to centralize their resources. The cloud-based applications are exposed to cyber-attacks, consequential in several security firms offering security solutions to guard cloud-based applications from cyber-attacks. The target audience for smart grid security market are, national/state governments, utility companies, IT solutions provider, smart grid security companies, cloud service providers, system integrators, information security consulting firms, IT security agencies, and municipal authorities. 

Cyber threats and their impacts are rapidly increasing across Europe. Currently, EU is working on some of the fronts to guarantee cyber security in Europe, by providing the delivery of enhanced internet for children, and implementing the international cooperation on cyber security and cybercrime.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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