Solar Farm Developer Firming Up Plans on Billion Dollar Renewable Energy Funds

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC, a developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms is in talks and negotiations with several various fund managers nationwide and firming up plans with those funds to launch multiple Renewable Energy funds in 2017 geared around ISS's yearly pipeline of over 200 projects totaling more than 10GW's of Solar Farm projects currently in development and spanning over 35 US States. Innovative Solar Systems is currently the #1 US Developer of large scale Solar Farms and no other developer has the size or quality of projects that ISS has in development here within the United States. As most know, returns are phenomenal on solar farm investment vehicles and setting up various funds for these large scale projects just makes perfect sense for all investors then to have access to above average returns with fewer risks in the market place.

ISS is strategically working with some of the largest fund managers and envisions several funds that will be set up to accommodate everything from early stage development, NTP and full construction and project ownership. The general public has a huge appetite for Renewable Energy investments and with ISS being the largest and most sophisticated developer of Solar Farm projects it just makes sense that large funds would be created as vehicles to allow smaller investors to finally recognize the large profits that larger institutional type investors have been able to recognize on Utility Scale Solar Farms for decades now.

Innovative Solar Systems hopes to have the final details firmed up soon so that a long portion of the company's yearly revolving pipeline can be placed into these various Renewable Energy funds going forward. ISS will still also be able to accommodate its many long time strategic investors and buyers so current relationships will not be hindered by these funds as the company continues to expand and move forward.

Innovative Solar Systems sells Utility Scale Solar Farm projects at either 1) Early Stage, 2) NTP or after final construction at 3) COD and has the largest yearly ongoing pipeline of Utility Scale Solar Farm projects here in the US. ISS also sells electricity at cut rate prices to Corporate America through corporate Purchase Power Agreements (PPA's).


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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