World : A French smart city network is going global to fight climate change

DataCity wants to helps cities around the world become smarter, greener, and more efficient

In the wake of President Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Accords, many American mayors promised to work with sister cities across the globe to continue to battle climate change. Pledges have been made, but what will concrete plans look like?

A new initiative between French startups and C40 Cities, a global coalition of cities battling climate change, believes they have part of the answer. Beginning this fall, DataCity, a platform developed in a French startup incubator, NUMA, will expand internationally. By pooling information, new ideas, and smart city strategies across the globe, organizers hope to build a network for collective action between city leaders and high-tech innovators, and provide means for taking action.

“It’s a very practical tool for cities to implement solutions predicated on cities and climate impact,” says Clemence Fischer, head of NUMA’s Smart City Program.

A Paris-based accelerator with hubs in eight different cities including New York and Bangalore, India, NUMA focuses on global challenges, including climate change and transportation. It’s built on the idea that early collaboration fields more usable results: government officials, corporations, and entrepreneurs meet to define and scope problems before devising solutions and potential ideas, hoping to encourage the kinds of cross-disciplinary exchanges that weed out impractical ideas before anyone expands development resources. When representatives from Paris government and French utilities can meet with developers and designers, for example, they can formulate solutions grounded in real-world issues that will be developed with a more intimate knowledge of data, existing systems, and infrastructure.


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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