Energy News: Cities Going All In; Water Heaters Storing Energy for the Grid

This week, the news is about cities taking the helm on advanced energy market creation, with Philadelphia joining scores of other cities in taking a pledge for advanced energy—though one columnist thinks the media attention lavished on 100% renewable statements is “mindless cheerleading.” And, like many weeks this year, storage is taking center stage as utilities deploy all kinds of technologies, from EV batteries to hot water heaters, to hold energy until it’s needed.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has become the 100th mayor to sign on to the Mayors for 100% Clean Energy pledge. Although the effort is spearheaded by the Sierra Club in direct response to the United States’ announced withdrawal from the Paris Accords, Philly has long been choosing and investing in advanced energy technologies. The city has already installed solar panels at various Philadelphia Water Department facilities, and AEE member Veolia also runs one of the nation’s most efficient combined heat and power plants, the Philadelphia Steam Plant, which cogenerates heat and power for universities, hospitals, and commercial buildings in downtown Philly. The public transit system, SEPTA, recently announced plans to install solar panels at four bus and rail shops across the city totaling 3.1 MW.

(SEPTA’s sustainability initiative is called SEP-TAINABLE 2020. It seeks to increase efficiency and decrease emissions, which is all well and good, but the name is incredible.)


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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