World : Aggreko Acquires Advanced Battery Storage-Smart Microgrid Systems Pioneer Younicos for $52 Million

One of the world’s pioneering developers of advanced battery energy storage systems and smart microgrid developers, Germany’s Younicos on July 3 announced it was being acquired by Scotland’s Aggreko for GBP40 million (approx. USD52 million).

Aggreko is a longstanding international provider of conventional mobile off-grid and grid-connected diesel and other fossil fuel-fired generators, as well as facilities energy management and climate control technology and systems. Management has been taking the company in a new strategic direction in recent years based on growing demand for distributed renewable energy solutions on the part of customers, however.

“This acquisition strengthens our position as global energy markets continue to evolve and is in line with our strategy to invest in technology in order to reduce the cost of energy for our customers,” management highlighted. In and of itself this statement highlights just how far, and how fast, the transition to decentralized, digitally networked zero-carbon emissions energy has been progressing in Europe and around the world.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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