Has Oracle Come Up with the “Holy Grail” of Digital, Distributed, “Green” Energy Resource Management?

Some of the world’s largest multinational, high-tech corporations continue to invest heavily to expand their presence across the rapidly transforming power and energy sector. Leveraging investments in cloud platform and application services, data centers, “Big Data” analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, they’re fueling advances along the lines of the three “D’s” – digitization, decentralization and “decarbonization” – that stake out and define a new energy economy and society.

In addition to “greening” its own energy supplies and developing distributed, cloud-based public Web app services, such as Project Sunroof, Google continues to plow capital into “green” utility power purchases and solar and invest directly in solar and wind power projects based on their financial, as well as broader-based, social and environmental merits.

Not to be outdone, Oracle continues to expand and diversify its core enterprise database management systems and business management application packages, as well as enhance and migrate them to distributed, cloud services platforms and services. That includes Oracle Utilities, whose latest distributed grid network management platform may signal the genuine dawn of distributed, digital “green” energy and power resource use.


Source : https://solarmagazine.com/oracle-digital-distributed-green-energy-resource-management/

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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