World : Go Electric to Deploy $1.7 Million Advanced Battery Storage Microgrid at Tooele Army Depot in Utah

Winning a $1.7 million contract awarded by Perini Management Services, Indiana’s Go Electric is to install a 1 megawatt (MW)/1 megawatt-hour (Mwh) advanced battery-based energy storage system (BESS) at the Tooele Army Depot (TEAD) in Tooele, Utah.

Part and parcel of a grid-connected microgrid, Go Electric’s advanced BESS features the company’s patented AutoLYNC microgrid controller, which will enable TEAD to control and manage multiple AC and DC distributed energy resources. That includes on-site solar power generation.

All that, in turn, will help ensure TEAD is self-sufficient when it comes to power and energy supply, enhance power and energy reliability and resilience, and cost effectively insulate TEAD from volatility of energy prices, Go Electric highlights in a news release. 

Distributed, renewable energy and the US Armed Forces

Spanning some 24,000 acres (9,712 hectares), TEAD is an active joint ammunition storage site for the US Army responsible for shipping, storing, receiving, inspecting, demilitarization and maintaining training and conventional war reserve ammunition. Its Ammunition Equipment and Manufacturing Directorate design and manufacturers ammunition equipment used in maintenance and demilitarization of munitions for the entire Department of Defense (DOD).


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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