World : NIST tackles smart grid framework update

The entire energy ecosystem has shifted since the National Institute of Standards and Technology last updated its Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards in September 2014.  On Aug. 17 and 18, a meeting of the NIST Smart Grid Advisory Committee discussed updating the framework to meet the needs of today’s producers and consumers.

With attacks on the electric grid seen as increasingly plausible, cybersecurity was top of mind. Nelson Hastings, an electronics engineer and project leader at NIST’s computer security division, led a discussion about the importance of keeping smart grid devices secure without creating latency.

“We are profiling performance of smart grid devices when cybersecurity capabilities are enabled," Hastings said.  NIST is also developing technology to assess the impact of security solutions on grid edge devices, which it defines as smart meters, thermostats and HVAC heating and cooling systems, he said. Work is also being done to assess the effects of enabling encryption on smart meters, inverters, EV charging stations and thermostats.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin March 2019

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