India : Noida to expedite work on waste-to-energy project at Astoli landfill site

Two well-planned industrial towns in Uttar Pradesh — Noida and Greater Noida — located near Delhi still dump their solid waste on vacant land and pits near residential or industrial areas

Two days after a large part of Delhi’s Ghazipur landfill collapsed and swept several people into a canal, the Greater Noida authority on Sunday said that it has expedited work on its waste-to-energy project at the Astoli landfill site. Two people died in East Delhi after a large part of the landfill collapsed on Friday afternoon.

Two well-planned industrial towns in Uttar Pradesh — Noida and Greater Noida — located near Delhi still dump their solid waste on vacant land and pits near residential or industrial areas. Noida was established in 1976 and Greater Noida was set up in 1992. Noida produces around 660 metric tonnes solid wastes daily and the Greater Noida generates 200 metric tonnes of solid waste daily but both towns are yet to have a facility to scientifically treat the waste.

“We have prepared an estimate for the waste-to-energy project to be set up at Astoli landfill site. We will issue a tender to select a private agency, in two to three days, for running the plant. We hope that by 2017-end, the agency will start setting up the plant for disposing of the waste. We have expedited the process after the Ghazipur incident,” said Rajendra Bhati, senior manager of the Greater Noida authority.

In January, the Noida authority had decided to dump municipal solid waste at Greater Noida’s Astoli landfill site from March-end to end dumping of solid waste on vacant plots in the city. However, the plan is yet to materialize.

“Developing a landfill site and a facility to scientifically dispose of the solid waste was never a priority for the top officials and the state governments. The Greater Noida authority used to dump its solid waste next to our village, causing health issues to villagers. After we wrote several letters, they found another vacant land to dump the waste. It is pathetic that two cities with plum budgets are yet to develop a waste-to-energy plant. Each year, they set a new deadline to start operations on the landfill site,” said Vikrant Tongad, an environmentalist, and resident of Greater Noida’s Khedi Bhanauta village.

Although the Noida authority allotted almost 20,000 hectares for housing, commercial, industrial and institutional purposes, it could not finalize a site for landfill due to the protest by the residents.

“Wherever we want to set up a landfill in Noida, residents protest and are worried about the smell and health issues. Therefore, we decided to use the 110 acres in Greater Noida’s Astoli. We want to set up a waste-to-energy plant to ensure that waste is not turned into a mountain like it did in Ghazipur. We will recycle all waste, such as making bricks out of construction waste, compost from biodegradable waste and other products from segregated waste once the facility comes up,” said Raghunandan Yadav, senior project engineer of the Noida authority’s health department.

The Noida authority dumps waste on vacant plots in sectors 62, 138A and 85, among other areas. Sector 137 residents have filed a petition in the National Green Tribunal protesting waste dumping in Sector 138A on the grounds that is causing health problems and piles of garbage are increasing daily.

“We have decided to develop a 20-acre landfill either in Sector 123 or Sector 150 for making compost out of biodegradable waste. Remaining waste will be transported to Astoli once the facility is made operational. Therefore, residents need not worry as treating waste scientifically is our priority,” said Yadav.


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