India : Rural electrification, rural housing and smart city programmes have growth potential: Jawahar Goel, Dish TV

In an Interview with ET Now, Jawahar Goel, CMD, Dish TVBSE 2.11 % Talks about the growth potential for cable and the dth business and the synergy benefits of the merger with D2h. 

Edited Excerpts: 

India as a 2 trillion economy is growing at a fast pace. We are celebrating here with the Rise with India theme. What do you expect to be the India story, what will keep it intact. Tell us about the growth potential for the cable as well as the DTH business that you would like to foresee to ride this rise with India theme? 

The rural electrificationBSE 0.74 % is seen as a main factor which has growth potential and then rural housing is the second one and smart city. These are the positive which will increase the C&S household and with the employment at this moment is the housing is in the very down in the city at least in bigger cities but hopefully in next couple of months and quarters the housing will also improve and once that demand goes up I was reading the paper there is a demand is now rising so the television usage and consumption will go up. So these are few factors which is and direct benefit transfer that is one of the biggest impact which I am foreseeing that when the money comes directly in the account of the beneficiary then the middlemen’s are eliminated. No middlemen will take the money from them so it is a big thing. Once the state government also does their---all the state government has almost 3000 benefit scheme for the citizens in various states if all of them also fall in the DBT then you see that so much of money going in the hand of the consumer and disposable income increased and everybody will get benefit out of it. 


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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