World : EnSync Energy Technology to Power Microgrid Designed by DCfusion at Solar Power International

EnSync, Inc. (NYSE American: ESNC), dba EnSync Energy Systems, a leading developer of innovative distributed energy resources (DERs), and DCfusion, a pioneer in direct current (DC) system engineering design, consulting and policy, have designed and will manage the Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace on-site microgrid demonstration system. The design leverages EnSync Energy's Matrix® Energy Management system and DER Flex™ Internet of Energy software – creating a microgrid that will power the Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace area at Solar Power International (SPI), one of North America's biggest solar trade conferences.

DCfusion is engineering the solar-powered microgrid, while EnSync Energy's technologies will serve as its command and control center. The Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace will also provide connections for companies to demonstrate their technologies working in real time – including energy storage batteries, hydrogen fuel cells and more. EnSync Energy's command center, utilizing EnSync DER Flex technology, will gather data and determine which power sources to prioritize and ensure the loads are supplied with the most reliable and cost-effective energy. The Marketplace's lead organizer is the EMerge Alliance, an open industry association leading the adoption of DC power distribution in commercial buildings through the development of EMerge Alliance standards. DCfusion is an active member. 

"Our technologies serve to synchronize DERs in conjunction with dynamic load requirements, ensuring resiliency and real-time prioritization of the highest-value energy asset," said Dan Nordloh, executive vice president of EnSync Energy. "The microgrid not only showcases the range of cleantech companies working to advance solar, but it also provides a vision for the next generation grid, in which decentralized resources are aggregated to provide grid services that benefit all energy stakeholders," he said.

By transmitting DC electricity, the microgrid will reduce energy losses incurred from converting from alternating current (AC) to DC, which is how electricity is typically distributed to businesses and residences. DC microgrids are also ideal for integrating solar power, energy storage and other renewables, as these energy sources are largely smaller-scale and often natively generate DC current.

"In designing this microgrid, our goal is to show how effective a DC infrastructure is in reliably managing and transmitting electricity while minimizing energy loss," said David Geary, co-founder and principal engineer of DCfusion. "As electricity consumption shifts to a portfolio comprised of more renewables, the need for DC-based and hybrid DC-AC system design becomes increasingly critical. DC infrastructure is the invisible foundation of a clean energy future – no one talks about it, but it's crucial to continuing the acceleration of solar and renewables deployment."

The Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace will be located in the Smart Energy Hall at Solar Power International on September 10 through 13 in Las Vegas. EnSync Energy's Matrix Energy Management platform and DER Flex software system will work together to manage the flow of power to multiple technologies that will be connected to it. The microgrid is composed of an on-site utility power source, energy storage and a live PV array located in the Convention Center parking lot. The system output will feed a DC busbar to conduct and transmit electricity to loads within the Marketplace area.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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