World : GridMarket Facilitated Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Project Wins Innovation AwardThe Energy Storage North America Innovation Award recognizes and honors excellence in energy storage project

GridMarket is excited to announce that the Marcus Garvey microgrid was recently named the 2017 recipient of the ESNA Innovation Award for Distributed Storage. The multi-asset system at Marcus Garvey Village includes 400 kW of solar PV, a 400 kW fuel cell, and 300 kW/1,200 KWh of battery storage. The battery storage component was identified, sourced, and architected through GridMarket’s project facilitation platform.

The lithium-ion battery storage system is the first of its kind in New York City. A handful of lithium-ion projects exist across the boroughs, having been installed prior to updated fire code; however, the system at Marcus Garvey Village received the first chemistry approval from the New York Fire Department and Department of Buildings in NYC under current permitting and safety requirements.

GridMarket helps energy consumers identify and actualize savings and revenue through distributed energy resources, and worked closely with project stakeholders to create the microgrid through storage integration. GridMarket leveraged data resources to recommend best-fit solutions, sourced proposals from qualified suppliers, contributed to preliminary system siting, helped finalize the ownership structure, and negotiated the custom incentive with the Con Ed BQDM (now BQNP) team. Demand Energy’s proposed battery and optimization control software (DEN.OS) were selected to integrate with the solar and fuel cell, enabling the assets to effectively co-exist.

"Our philosophy has always been that projects - not talk -will drive approvals, safety innovations, and acceptance,” said GridMarket CEO Nick Davis. “We hope that the progress made with Marcus Garvey and the continued exposure through respected organizations such as Energy Storage North America will continue streamlining distributed energy resource integrations. This is a microgrid development model we are already installing cost-effectively across local and global markets.”


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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