World : Street lighting key to ambitious $126 million smart city scheme in Dijon

EDF's Citelum connecting city services including lighting, in project with French giants Bouygues, Suez, and Capgemini to improve urban operations and gather data.

Dijon, famous for zesty mustard, is now spreading something else with vim and vigor: smart city technology. The Burgundy city in eastern France is joining with neighboring towns on a €105 million ($126 million) information technology project intended to improve operations and save money on street lighting, traffic management and public safety, while generating data for other services across the metropolis.

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In an ambitious 12-year project led by the €31.7 billion ($38 billion) construction and telecoms conglomerate Bouygues, Dijon Métropole will upgrade 34,000 street lights to LED, which it will connect to a central management system that will also tie into traffic lights, security cameras, buses, and other assets in an Internet of Things (IoT) scheme.

The system is expected to cut public lighting costs by 65% using the Muse control system from Citelum, a subsidiary of €71.2 billion French state-owned utility giant EDF. Citelum specializes in lighting management, and in using the lighting infrastructure to underpin Muse-based urban digital services such as monitoring traffic, parking, air quality, climate, crime, and other things.


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Smart Grid Bulletin March 2019

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