India : Solar Advisory Gensol launches solar online platform Ezybidding, Ezybox

Solar advisory firm Gensol Group today launched its first online marketplace Ezybidding', an online reverse auction based platform for solar equipment installers.

Mumbai: Solar advisory firm Gensol Group today launched its first online marketplace Ezybidding', an online reverse auction based platform for solar equipment installers.

The company also launched Ezybox, a plug and play solar generator, that can be installed on any kind of roof or terrain and can be conveniently customised by adding batteries and solar panels to take up its generation capacity up to 2.5 kW, it said in a statement.

"We have noticed that the process of project completion often faces challenges ranging from delays in equipment delivery to high prices. Ezybidding has been created to address this problem," Gensol Group Co-founder Puneet Singh Jaggisaid.

He said Ezybidding provides a platform for solar equipment installers to participate in time bound competitive bidding to procure efficient equipments at the right prices from credible vendors.

"Moreover, it shall enable a virtual market-place for installers and vendors, thereby promoting best practises that ensure efficiency," he said.

Jaggi also said the foray into the assembly of solar equipments with the Ezybox will address the issues of mobility, space limitation, grid connectivity and clean energy at one go.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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