World : EV charger aims to improve grid reliability

The partnership means that EDF will be able to tap into solar and wind over-generation to charge EVs

Electric vehicle (EV) charging solution firm, eMotorWerks, is to provide French energy company, EDF, with cloud-connected, intelligent charging stations (EVSE) via its charging hardware and its JuiceNet software platform.

The partnership, based on due diligence from EDF Innovation Lab, Silicon Valley, aims to deliver a charging solution to allow EDF customers to charge their EVs using renewable energy as well as a software platform on which EDF can develop new solutions.

“Electrification of the transportation sector is essential for reaching our ambitious decarbonisation goals,” said Jan van der Lee, vice president of R&D and innovation at EDF.

“[eMotorWerks’] fast-learning platform solution and expanded list of charging hardware options, has shown [it] to be a viable partner from a technical and commercial standpoint. And the grid service capabilities give utilities the option to keep fossil fuel generation sources dormant and meet peak load requirements through demand response.”

By utilising JuiceNet smart-grid optimisations, EDF aims to leverage renewable energy generation by tapping into solar and wind over-generation to charge EVs, as well as participate in smart grid incentives through scheduled charging.

This collaboration allows EDF and its customers to shape electric load, avoid peak energy costs, and improve grid reliability by better managing energy ramps and other peak demand on the grid, the partners claims.

“With this collaboration, EV drivers can be more confident that they are in good hands when integrating our JuiceNet cloud solutions and proven JuiceBox EVSE technology through EDF’s expertise and network,” added Valery Miftakhov, founder, and CEO of eMotorWerks.

“Together we will offer the best smart charging products to power the impressive EV adoption growth across North America.”


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Smart Grid Bulletin March 2019

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