Collaboration to help better grid

Collaboration to help better grid

A new collaboration will integrate Silver Spring Networks IPv6 smart grid networking platform with Smarter Grid Solutions autonomous grid management technology. This solution enables electrical grid operators to better manage renewable energy sources and grid devices by improving the overall reliability and efficiency of the grid.

The solution builds on the companies previous work on the Flexible Plug and Play (FPP) project for UK Power Networks, which serves London and east England. In the FPP project, Silver Spring reports its networking technology connects an array of distribution equipment across a deployment of intermittent wind and solar resources in Cambridgeshire, UK. This deployment also successfully demonstrated the use of the IEC 61850 protocol across a radio mesh field area network. Smarter Grid Solutions Active Network Management technology monitors the electricity grid using data provided by Silver Springs field area network.
The system determines the available capacity of the grid and issues real-time control instructions, providing significant savings to UK Power Networks.

Eric Dresselhuys, Silver Spring Networks executive vice-president of global development, notes, Utilities have enormous challenges in maintaining reliability while integrating new sources of generation using traditional network reinforcement and reliability schemes. By offering this proven solution to our customers, Silver Spring and Smarter Grid Solutions are enabling utilities, and ultimately the end consumer, to save money and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, more reliable and more efficient energy grid.

Smarter Grid Solutions chief executive Gerry Docherty adds: In the course of delivering several successful projects, we have found that many utilities were making long-term grid reliability decisions without fully integrating their strategy for the underlying communications fabric. In order to run the next generation of distributed, intelligent applications, we need reliable, responsive communications infrastructure that doesn't risk the fundamental utility business case. Silver Springs proven IPv6 networking platform makes them the ideal partner to ensure these criteria are met.

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