World : A renewable energy revolution is powering Queensland into the future

A large-scale renewable energy revolution is occurring in Queensland. Fields that grew sugarcane for generations and a former mango farm are being converted to solar energy hubs where photovoltaic panels will stretch for miles.

Wind farms are planned across mountain tablelands and an innovative pumped storage project is taking shape where miners once dug for gold.

Biomass projects that could deliver value-adding opportunities in traditional agricultural districts have been proposed, and geothermal power stations that would displace diesel in some of the state’s most remote and expensive areas will supply electricity.

Put aside, momentarily, the vexed arguments about reliability and power prices.

Step back from the debate about exorbitant subsidies and the political dead end that this nation has reached over the right approach towards emissions reduction in the face of climate change.

Take a look at the investment which is occurring and the jobs being generated in this revolution. Right now, renewable energy is the biggest thing happening in this state.

The jobs and generation figures are updated on nearly a daily basis as additional projects are announced, analysis is undertaken and schemes move through the investment and construction phases.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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