World : NEC presents Smart City systems at Connected Europe 2017

NEC is taking part at the Connected Europe 2017 conference in Lisbon, presenting Smart City solutions that aim to improve day-to-day operation and coordination of multiple city services, enhancing security and enhancing citizen Quality of Life (QoL).

At its stand, NEC is demonstrating how real-time data collection and city-wide information analysis can contribute to better implementation of city services.

NEC's advanced solution for implementing a City Operations Center (NEC Cloud City Operations Centre - CCOC) was the solution selected by the City of Lisbon for its Integrated Operations Center.The CCOC solution also has the ability to reduce the workload in the operating centers, automating the analysis of cities by municipal services and reducing operational public costs through the use of analysis and information visualization technologies, enabling those who work in city planning to focus on making decisions for public welfare.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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