Is this what it will take to finally grow the smart water meter market?

Is this what it will take to finally grow the smart water meter market?

A new report "Water Meters: Global Market and Forecast 2013-2018" from energy and utility industry specialists StatPlan Energy highlights strong prospects for smart water meters to 2018.

StatPlan Energy estimates the 2014 global water meter market will be worth $2.62 billion. By 2018 it will have increased by 13.2 per cent to just over $3 billion. Smart meters will gradually take share of the total market by value, increasing from 13 per cent  to 18 per cent over that time and by 2018 the installed base of smart water meters will be between 120 and 130 million.
The smart meter revolution is slower to develop than many expected but we support the increasing view from market participants that there is now sufficient traction at a global level to build business activities around the trend comments StatPlan Director Euan Blauvelt.

Euan continues: As issues of water scarcity and continuity of supply become more acute, and demands on water supplies from agriculture, industry and residential become increasingly unsustainable in many parts of the world, intelligent metering at all levels of the water distribution system has to be part of the solution. But because domestic use is often a relatively small element of demand, a focus on residential metering has a substantially smaller impact on water conservation."

"If the same level of knowledge and control could be applied to the agricultural sector, what a difference that would make. A saving of 20 per cent due to more advanced metering in the consumption of irrigation water, which would entail the use of a small number of large bulk and transfer irrigation water meters would save 14 per cent of total consumption of water, compared with an overall saving of 4 per cent if a large number of residential water meters achieved a 20 per cent saving in that sector."

The country by country analysis covers approximately 93 per cent of the global market for water meters. Regional and global analyses take account of smaller markets as well.

The report provides data on residential meters (individually identifying billing, prepayment, sub meters and smart meters), meters for apartments and small commercial buildings, meters for ICI (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional), Bulk Transfer/Custody Transfer meters and network management (non-custodial) meters.


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