India : TRAI holds meet on smart city

Top officials from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) held a meeting with the stakeholders at a seminar on ‘Smart city and Internet of Things’ to develop Visakhapatnam as one of the leading smart cities in the country.

In his address, TRAI Member Anil Kaushal said Visakhapatnam, which received the recognition as the third cleanest city had a bright future in smart governance and smart management of several issues to bring about qualitative improvement in life.

TRAI secretary S.K. Gupta, advisor Sanjeev Bansal and PR Advisor G. Muralidhar said the programme was the first in a series of seminars and consultative meeting planned for all the cities being developed as smart cities.

TRAI organised lectures for the participants on challenges in implementation of smart cities and road ahead by J.V.S. Rama Krishna, Head-Business Initiatives and Smart Cities, L&T, demystifying IoT and trends and opportunities in transforming industries by M.P. Dubey, Joint Director, Software Technology Parks of India, P. Haribabu, Joint Director, IoT Group head, C-DAC.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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