India : PM’s push for renewable energy

Stressing on the need for promoting renewable sources of energy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the youth of the start-up capital to develop clean cooking technologies, which he said would help thousands of women in the country. Addressing a gathering at Dashamah Soundarya Lahari Parayanotsava Mahasarmapane at the Palace Grounds, he said that such technologies will find good market in India.

“The future of power supply lies in sustainable technology and not petrol and diesel,” he said.

Giving an example of how the use of LED lighting has helped save 7000 mega watt of power for the country and ₹7000 for families using them, he said, “Renewable energy is easy to implement in the country which believes in sustainable living,” adding that it is an answer to climate change as well.

Stating that his government in the first three years of coming to power had allocated ₹11,000 crore in solar energy, Mr. Modi said the previous government during the same period had invested ₹ 4,000 crore.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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