World : Smart shipping container offers power grid resilience with ‘self healing’ capability

Electrical grid complexity has increased immensely. Recently, weather damage and intermittent renewable energy production have increased the dynamics that must be managed in a large power grid. In order to address that, the Dutch company Alfen is currently field testing their new ‘cellular smart grid’ solution in Lelystad, the Netherlands.

They have developed a combination of energy storage and finely tuned algorithms to help make electrical grids more resilient and to reduce their downtime.

Alfen is a producer of transformer substations, energy storage systems, smart grids and charging stations for electric vehicles. In 2012, Alfen got a $1,000,000 government grant to design this hardware.

The system is designed to slowly bring the power grid up, cell by cell, in case of a massive failure. One of the keys is that it knows how to deal with many smaller, local energy producers – such as solar and wind. It first immediately redistributes power to local users, then connects to external cells.

Alfen has been involved in other projects involving load frequency and energy storage for the power grid. This piece of hardware would perfectly sit within and manage a broader grid with ‘dummy’ energy storage.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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