World : Bentley and Siemens aim to digitalize utilities

Bentley Systems has entered into an agreement with Siemens Energy to develop new technology to propel the digitization of power utilities.

The collaboration aims to bring technology developed by Siemens Energy Management Division with Bentley’s network management, design, and operations applications. This will form a new integrated system for analysis, design optimization, and distributed energy resources.The aim is to reduce costs, improve reliability and improve resilience in response of utility power networks. The companies bring different areas of expertise to the venture. Bentley’s, according to the website Power Engineering, has expertise in infrastructure design and Siemens has detailed knowledge of the transmission and distribution of electrical power.

Distributed energy resources refers to electrical generation and storage performed by a variety of small, grid-connected devices referred to as distributed energy resources. These are so-termed smart utilities, decentralized, modular and more flexible technologies, that are located close to the load they serve.The two companies both have sophisticated systems which work with energy systems. Bentley Systems have developed Open-Utilities applications and Siemens have their own Power System Simulation suite. The new venture will require both firms to integrate their products to make the capabilities available within one single unified application.

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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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