World : Network Opportunity Maps to pave way to smart, renewable grid

How do you transform a fossil fuel centred “hub-and-spoke” electricity network into a decentralised, renewables-based smart grid?

As AEMO and the members of the newly formed Energy Security Board know only too well, it’s no easy task. But the launch of an interactive mapping program this week aims to help pave the way.

The Network Opportunity Maps provide detailed information aimed at encouraging the strategic development of local renewable energy, battery storage and smart demand management in a decarbonising Australian electricity grid.

The launch marks the culmination of three years of collaborative work from the Institute of Sustainable Futures (at UTS) and Energy Networks Australia – a massive project that was co-funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the NSW government, and backed by industry partners Ergon Energy, AusNet Services, Powerlink, ElectraNet and Transgrid.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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