World : EAS Consulting Group Publishes White Paper - The Role of Regulatory Affairs in Product Development

EAS Consulting Group, LLC is very pleased to announce the publication of a White Paper titled "The Role of Regulatory Affairs in Product Development"  written by EAS Independent Consultants Neil Smith and Sandra Brand, both internationally recognized as specialists in product development in both the US and international marketplace.

Regulatory Affairs touches each and every product within a company and ensuring compliance with local regulations and internal policies enables the creation of sound guidelines related to labelling, safety and nutrition.  Through strategic links to trade associations, Government agencies, and NGO's as well as monitoring key developments in science, regulatory affairs professionals are able to stay ahead of regulatory changes that may affect the business, as well as provide direction on the product development process so that the business achieves the best outcome. 

This White Paper focuses on strategies and solutions proactive Regulatory Affairs Professionals should take to provide strategic and technical advice to all levels of the business at all stages of the product cycle, from ideation or concept discussions through to commercialisation, and beyond.  Proactive engagement with Regulatory Affairs by all levels within the business ensures decision making that is consistent, timely, and accounts for all factors.

EAS Consulting Group invites you to read the White Paper "The Role of Regulatory Affairs in Product Development" and visit the EAS Consulting Group webpage for more information on our services in this area.

EAS strategic consulting service provides solutions to companies confronting the challenging issues of food product development. By taking a holistic approach that considers marketing objectives and the current regulatory, compliance, and enforcement environment at the federal, state and local levels, EAS assists clients from ideation through commercialization. "It is the expertise of our internationally based Independent Consultant network that sets EAS apart in providing in-depth and strategic development services," says Allen Sayler, Senior Director for Food and Cosmetic Consulting Services.  "Neil Smith and Sandra Brand are just two fine examples of the impressive regulatory professionals who help craft our product development service area and collectively they set EAS Consulting Group apart by helping firms to successfully navigate the challenging world of developing products and claims that are attractive to the consumer while being compliant with FDA regulations."


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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