World : Siemens EnergyIP Used to Begin Smart Meter Operation in NY

Siemens will not only be expanding its meter data management partnership with Entergy, but the company also revealed it played a role in Consolidated Edison’s new smart meter operation in New York.

The OMNETRIC Group — a Siemens and Accenture technology services company — assisted the utility in  launching a smart meter operation in the Empire State this past summer. 

Con Edison Company of New York and Orange andRockland Utilities — regulated operating companies of Consolidated Edison — have begun the implementation of Siemens EnergyIP meter data management software, as well. 

Con Edison aims to use the power consumption information garnered from the software to  “improve grid reliability and reduce outages, empower customer engagement and facilitate the integration of renewable energy resources onto the grid,” according to the press release.

The EnergyIP data hub has been in use since early June. Before the hub’s implementation, utility employees had to read the data directly on the meters. Now, with the EnergyIP solution, they can automatically query the new smart meters every 15 minutes for this same data.

The smart grid project is also in line with New York’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV), which aims to reorient the city’s power supply industry to increase efficiency, improve the state’s carbon dioxide footprint and make the grid more resilient.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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