World : NYC smart city projects focus on user experience, transportation

In NYC, smart city initiatives are all about the area's citizens, residents and tourists, with user experience a key consideration for success.

Across the city's five boroughs, New York agencies are exploring innovative approaches to building a smarter, more equitable and responsive city. The objective is to make New York City the most innovative and tech-friendly city in the world.

The city that never sleeps appears to be well on its way to achieving that goal. It was awarded the "2016 Best Smart City" by the Smart City Expo World Congress, an award that recognized NYC's cutting-edge smart city initiatives as able to resolve urban challenges and benefit residents and the city itself.

The NYC smart city approach is to focus on ensuring that what the city is doing has a positive impact on the citizens, residents and tourists.

Rather than expending too much effort on individual projects or use cases, such as a smart lighting corridor, the city is trying to shift its focus to ensure smart and connected infrastructure systems interoperate with each other to provide a fundamentally improved user experience, said Miguel Gamiño, the city's chief technology officer.

"And that means thinking about how to feed data in and out of a platform that could better inform the apps that people are already using," he said.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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