World : Meeting Future Intelligence at Asia-Pacific Smart City Development Summit Forum 2017

SHENZHEN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On November 16th, 2017, the grand opening of Smart City Exposition on China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Center attracted wide attention around the world. The 19th Smart City Exposition subordinate to China Hi-Tech Fair was jointly organized by National Information Center (P.R.China) and International Data Group (IDG), exhibiting brilliant products, innovative technologies and intelligent solutions in the field of Smart City all over the world, providing a communications bridge between governments and enterprises.

With the emergence of smart science and technology in daily life, IoT technology has made impressive breakthroughs. With the purpose of promoting exchanges of global technology ideas about the development of smart cities, the 19th Smart City Expo gathered pioneer smart cities and outstanding products around the world, allowing the audience to understand the concepts and experience frontier technology of smart cities.

More than 100 pioneer enterprises in the field of Smart City participated in this exposition and displayed their novel products. Engaged in constructing more than 120 smart cities in over forty countries, Huawei exhibited over 100 solutions for 24 sorts of new smart cities. Besides, Huawei introduced ICT as the neurotic system of smart cities, platform plus ecology as dual strategies and several successful cases in Asia-Pacific area. ZTE held an exhibition themed “Cloud Internet Ecology of Smart City in 5G Era”, connecting the world with 5G and IoT. It also united its cooperators to create Cloud Internet Eco-sphere together, attempting to provide a more efficient managing platform for city managers and a more convenient lifestyle for citizens. Cloud Internet with Smart Connection Technology Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Foxconn Group, displayed solutions of Smart Home, Smart Community, Smart City and ICT infrastructure.

Many other experienced companies involved in Smart City joined this exposition, including China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Ping An Technology Co., Ltd., National Technology, Eastern Land Technology, Tai Chi Cloud Software Co., Zhong Qing Technology Co., Guo Xin Shu Dao Co., Tianan Cyber Park Group, Pico VR, iQiyi VR, Risco, Cloud Sea IoT, KOCCA, Zhubajie, Qixin and Qiyuan Technology Co.. Bringing their own specified smart solutions and advanced products, they played a significant role in Smart City Expo.


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