How BeMS can improve energy efficiency in your business

Building Energy Management Systems (BeMS) can make your buildings smarter and more efficient

Many buildings waste money. If you want to improve your business’s energy performance, you must first get a detailed understanding of how your premises are consuming power.

Household bills rank highly among consumers’ financial woes, but for many businesses the same attention is rarely paid to their business’s energy costs. The focus is generally on the energy unit cost rather than the amount of energy consumed, but the latter can have a far greater impact on the bottom line.

Only by getting a handle on energy usage can businesses control their energy usage and lower their bills.

Learning about BeMS

Daunting though it may seem, improving your knowledge about energy use can be done with relative ease.

Building controls, such as Building Energy Management Systems (BeMS), can make your buildings smarter and more efficient, as well as more comfortable for your employees or customers.

An effective BeMS can manage a staggering 95pc of a building’s energy consumption without the need for major equipment installation.

The key to BeMS’s promise is how it works with equipment not set up to operate at its most efficient, or whose efficiency has deteriorated over time.

An average heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting (HVAC) system, for example, typically consumes around 40-60pc of a building’s total energy use – accounting for a significant amount of your energy bill. It’s not uncommon, however, for both heating and air-conditioning to be running in the same open-plan building at the same time, with obvious economic, environmental and comfort impacts.

By managing your HVAC through an effective BeMS, you can ensure that your system is operating at maximum efficiency but with minimal fuss.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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