In order to strengthen power infrastructure in the State, the transmission and distribution companies in Haryana will prepare integrated plan of development based on new sources of power supply, pattern of load growth, transmission or distribution system bottleneck, overloading, under utilisation and improvement in power supply.

The integrated plan of development will be prepared while finalising the capital expenditure plan. This was decided during the meeting of Additional Chief Secretary, Power, PK Das with officers of generation, transmission & distribution companies of Haryana to discuss and finalise the assumptions and strategies of filing capital investment plan, business plan and annual revenue requirement (ARR) of Haryana Power Utilities.

 In the absence of new MYT (multi -year tariff) regulations, the Haryana Power Utilities will be filing capital expenditure or business plan along with the annual revenue requirement (ARR) for a control period of five years.  The filing will be mainly as per the provisions of existing tariff regulation of 2012 and the filings will be done within a defined time frame.

During the meeting, the  Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission was asked to approve the plans of the utilities with regard to these filings. The existing tariff regulation were promulgated in 2012 which were applicable for control period of three years starting from 2013-14 to 2016-17.  The existing regulations were further extended to 2017-18 by increasing the control period to four years.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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