Ahmedabad to combine heritage status with smart city using latest technology

AHMEDABAD: "Ahmedabad is gearing up to maintain the status of India's first heritage city and also to develop as Smart City.

Lots of civil works are going on in the city and its impacts will be seen shortly. To preserve heritage status, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has set up a department and Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will also be set up for this purpose. AMC is planning to organize series of programmes in next December and January regarding heritage status". This was stated by AMC Commissioner Mr. Mukesh Kumar in a 3-day workshop being organized at Gujarat Technological University.

He said that, "60 % of the city is under commercialization impact. In such a situation town Planning and traffic problem are the biggest challenges. We are planning to use state of the art technologies for ease of traffic problems. From next January, Automatic Number Plate Detection System will be implemented to control traffic rule violators. City will be placed under heavy surveillance system. BRTS to be equipped with smart card, CCTV, optical fibre and Passenger Information System (PIS). At present, the system is installed at 136 BRTS stations and shortly the scheme will cover rest of the 22 stations. All the 136 BRTS stations will be covered with optical fiber. All BRTS buses will have CCTV cameras to monitor the safety and security of ladies commuters. Since last October we have introduced Smart Card system. In future, we are planning to introduce a system where any passenger can travel in AMTS or BRTS or Metro with the help of Single card and can also use it in restaurants."

GTU - Centre for Industrial Design (Open Design School)& Graduate School of Smart City Development is organizing a workshop on above theme during November 27 to November 29 2017 at GTU Chandkheda campus. As an academic partner Design Thinkers Group Australia abnd India; AMC; Museums of Ahmedabad joined hands with GTU. This workshop is using Design Thinking methodology to scout various issues related to Heritage & Smart city and participants from various field and experience would collaborate in teams to develop business concepts to enhance Ahmedabad, its Heritage and Smart City developments to benefit its stakeholders and their markets. The workshop is aimed at providing skills development and practical "start up" opportunities in Smart Cities and Heritage through problem research, Idea generation and rapid prototyping sessions looking at how government, local businesses and interest groups can design startup businesses to co-create the technological solutions, Prof. (Dr) Navin Sheth, Vice Chancellor of GTU said.

GTU has established a Centre for Industrial Design (OPEN DESIGN SCHOOL) to lead and manage the design-oriented learning processes to promote Project Based Learning (PBL) in Gujarat state. GTU has introduced a very new, innovative - Design Engineering subject with development of a strong Design Spine for Design Engineering in the syllabi from semester 3 to semester 6 from annual year 2014-15. It is a first of its kind initiation in the Indian Education system and it is based on "Design Thinking" methodologies. GTU - Graduate School of Smart City Development is actively engaged in Smart City e-Courses along with Sensor Research Lab to promote and develop Smart Cities in India. Graduate School has also now taken up new initiative of National Heritage Research Lab to be established first in India at GTU, Prof. Rajnikant Patel, honorary Director of the school said.


Source : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/ahmedabad-to-combine-heritage-status-with-smart-city-using-latest-technology/articleshow/61836911.cms

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