India : NGO to help NMC frame air quality action plan under Smart City project

Nagpur: To prevent New Delhi like situation in the city in future, an international NGO Clean Air Asia has planned to help the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) in framing air quality action plan for the city under Smart City project. The NGO will also introduce innovative technologies to monitor, control and reduce air pollution in the city.

As a part of its plan to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in 1000 plus cities in Asia, the Manila-based NGO has taken up the initiative in two cities that include Nagpur and Kochi. As a first step, the NGO, in association with local NGO Centre for Sustainable Development which is led by activist Leena Budhe, has organized a consultative multi-stakeholder meeting on air quality solution in the city on Friday.

Clean Air Asia's India director Prarthana Borah told TOI that the central government has made mandatory for local administrations to frame air quality action plan for their cities. "Air Quality Solutions in cities like Nagpur are essential as they can lead the way for developing clean air action pilot programmes and set an example for other cities. We do not have to wait for an apocalypse scenario, like what we see in Delhi every winter. Instead, long term planning is needed. It can contribute to better air quality and healthy lives in Indian urban areas," she said.

Borah added that Clean Air Asia has completed assessment of air quality management of Nagpur, Aurangabad and Pune in Maharashtra. "Based on this assessment, we will suggest building activities for Nagpur. We plan to bring together officials from the NMC, state government, major research institutes and other stakeholders including medical practitioners to discuss an inclusive strategy for air quality solution for Nagpur at the meeting organized on December 8 at 10.30am at Chitnavis Centre," she said.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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