A Greener Path To Commerce: Exploring The Future Of Renewable Energy

Green and renewable energy has unsurprisingly been a large part of the conversation this year -- especially amongst consumers. As a result, from homeowners to large corporations, a wide variety of energy consumers are exploring new ways to find and provide sustainable energy sources. The increasing demand for affordable green energy solutions means that both retailers and energy companies need to increase & expand their footprint. If they want to retain and attract new customers, it's a modern expectation that will need to be met and exceeded.

Green Commerce Today

Earlier this year, Bain capital shared insights on how retailers have been looking to cut the carbon footprint. A Walmart study shed some light on the importance of having several items being shipped together and avoiding split shipments, which typically happen when those items are not immediately available at the distribution center. If two items are shipped separately, the emissions is 35% higher when compared to the items being shipped together. It was concluded that the lowest emissions channel was a factor of how many items a customer would purchase. 

To counter emissions inefficiencies, customers are being encouraged to cluster purchases, which would avoid split shipments. Jet.com also touts their ‘Smart Cart’, which dynamically adjusts pricing while browsing to promote additional purchases of items that will ship together.


Source : https://www.forbes.com/sites/tompopomaronis/2017/12/11/a-greener-path-to-commerce-exploring-the-future-of-renewable-energy/#7c336c812be7

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