World : Dutch standards group publishes smart grid standardization roadmap

The Dutch standards and norms organisation NEN has published the first edition of its 'Smart grid standardization roadmap', the IEC/TR 63097: 2017. This Technical Report shows the smart grid and aims to establish a set of guiding principles. Experts responsible for specifying, designing and implementing a 'Smart Energy System' will be able to use the map.

IEC/TR 63097 gives an overview of the most important parts of a smart grid and will help users select relevant standards. Reference is made to IEC documents, but also to those of other organisations such as CENELEC, IEEE and ITU. Proposals for new standards will be made using the GAP analyses.Annex A contains an overview of the standards and their main smart grid components. In Annex B, IEC documents that are important for smart grid components are discussed in more detail. In this version, the focus is on electricity systems and not gas and heat systems. The Technical Report (TR) is a document that is a work in progress, NEN said.

New developments will be included in future versions. IEC/TR 63097 was developed by the IEC System 'Smart Energy' Committee. This committee and the CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Coordination Group on smart energy grids will be followed by the NEC Smart grids platform.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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