World : Cummins NRG Energy to work together on new technology platform

Cummins Inc. and NRG Energy Inc. are partnering to launch a new technology platform to reduce energy costs for commercial and industrial customers.

A first of its kind in the energy industry, the effort was described as an easy-to-implement solution for business customers to transition to a smarter energy-consumption model, the companies announced this week.

The platform enhances a customer’s energy usage through Cummins-powered generators and NRG’s distributed generation resource capabilities.

Columbus-based Cummins and NRG, based in Princeton, New Jersey, said the new platform could save business customers up to 15 percent over current energy costs, often at no enrollment expense. The platform is also expected to significantly reduce environmental impacts and grid stress, the companies said, and allows for more capacity to meet expanding needs.

While the formal partnership between Cummins and NRG is new, the companies said they have already successfully implemented distributed generation models for several customers in recent years. It it now being rolled out to business customers throughout the northeast United States.

“Reliable power remains critical in the overall distributed generation equation, and this model leverages Cummins’ expertise in making power-generation equipment for the most harsh and demanding of operating conditions,” said Norbert Nusterer, president of the Power Systems Business for Cummins.

Robert Gaudette, president of NRG Business Solutions, said the new platform is an example of how the companies provide customers with reliable power and help them navigate the increasingly complex energy market.

“This is just one example of how we can continue to optimize new and existing energy technologies so customers can use less, and pay less, for electricity,” Gaudette said. “The power producer of tomorrow will do more than just move electrons; it will direct them where needed most — with measurable benefits for the customer, the grid and the environment.”

Cummins and NRG said they are forming a joint development team to pursue solution sales, and market and maintain energy assets to guarantee the outcomes for end-use customers.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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