ISGF member ABB launched TruONE 'world's first' all-in-one transfer switch

ABB announced yesterday the launch of TruONE, calling the device the world's first true all-in-one automatic transfer switch (ATS) for critical power. The device features all the needed sensors and controllers into a single, easy-to-install device that helps improve protection and makes installation 80% faster, the firm said.

Critical power applications use an ATS to sense when power is lost and to switch automatically to a backup generator, it added. The ATS is usually a complex installation with various sensors, controllers, switches and operator interfaces all wired together.

Putting everything into a single package, including an integrated controller with detachable human-machine interface (HMI), the new ATS installs faster, simpler and more reliably, the firm said. With seven communications protocols, the device is part of the ABB Ability portfolio of software-enabled and connected solutions that help customers be more productive, with features including predictive maintenance and condition monitoring.

"ABB has produced the solution everybody who works with ATS devices has been waiting for," said ABB US Product Marketing Manager for Protection & Connection Wellington Rodrigues in prepared remarks. "The all-new TruONE ATS is the first to integrate everything that critical power applications need into one seamless unit.

"Designed and tested to exceed industry requirements, the TruONE ATS ensures the reliable delivery of critical power," he added.

The device needs only a single wire and standard enclosures to install, and ergonomic studies have shown this will make installation up to 80% faster and cut cabling and commissioning times and costs by up to 90%, the firm said. Its all-in-one design is factory-assembled and fully tested to ABB's exacting quality standards, too, it added.

Protection during manual operation is increased, even under load, with the elevated handle mounted to the ATS frame omitting any need to open the panel door. The device is setting a new industry standard as dangerous line voltage no longer needs to be connected to the door – as the detachable HMI is completely isolated from the lines, the firm said.

Also, this is the first ATS with built-in predictive maintenance functionality that monitors its own condition as well as its environmental temperature, it added.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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